Access to drinking water
Access to electricity
Access to financing
Access to services
Access to water
Adeline Lemaire
AFD Group
Africa Markets
Africa's Financial Markets
Africa sector
African Bank
African continent
African countries
African railways
African railways development
African SMEs
Aga Khan
Agence Française de Développement
Al Amana
Aloe Private Equity
Annual report
Asset management
Associated Sites
Averroès II
Balance between financial sustainability
Balance between social issues
Balance in the microfinance sector
Balance sheet
Bank financing
Bank Group
Banking market
Banking sector
Banking system
Banque mondiale
Benjamin Neumann
Bigot Group
Bimonthly magazine
BNP Paribas
Board of Directors
Bond issue
Business Administration
Business development
Business school
Capital funds
Capital increase
Capital investment
Capital markets
Chief Executive
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Officer
Civil society
Clean development
Clean energy
Climate change
Colonne Droite
Commercial banks
Convertible bond
Credit line
Cycle plant
Dates and amount Start-up
Denis Sireyjol
Developed countries
Developing countries
Development Agency
Development Bank
Development economics
Development finance
Development finance institutions
Development Goals
Development institute
Development institutions
Development of countries
Development of its activity
Development of low-income countries
Development of South countries
Development of the sector
Development strategy
Direct investment
Direct jobs
Drinking water
Economic activity
Economic and Social Impacts of the Sector
Economic crisis
Economic development
Economic growth
Economic growth in countries
Economic Impacts
Editor in Chief
Editorial team
Electricity generation
Electricity production
Emerging and developing countries
Emerging countries
Emerging markets
Energy efficiency
Energy projects
Energy sector
Environmental and social impacts
Environmental impacts
Environmental standards
Equity capital
Equity investments
Equity investments in businesses
Equity investments in funds
Etienne Viard
European institutions
Euros loan
Experience in the sector
Fair trade
Finance institutions
Financial crisis
Financial institutions
Financial markets
Financial products
Financial resources
Financial sector
Financial services
Financial structure
Financial sustainability
Financial systems
Financing for African SMEs
Financing for SMEs
Financing in Africa
Financing in Sub-Saharan Africa
FISEA investment
Foreign currency
Foreign investment
French Agency
French company
French Development Agency
French funds
French institution
Full range of products
Fund manager
Fund of funds
Gas emissions
Geographical area
Global development
Global environment
Greenhouse gas
Greenhouse gas emissions
Growth in Africa
Growth in this region
Human resources
Impact on development
Impacts of projects
Impacts of the Mobile Phone Sector
Infrastructure development
Infrastructure projects
Installed capacity
International development
International Finance
International Finance Corporation
International financial institutions
International institutions
International Monetary Fund
International standards
Investment funds
Investment in countries
Investment in developing countries
Investment officer
Investment program
Investments in emerging markets
Investments in funds
Investments in the capital
Issue of Development
Job creation
Julien Lefilleur
Key role
Knock-on effect
Latin America
Laurent Demey
Leading company
Line of credit
Line with strategy
Loan agreement
Local banks
Local currency
Long term
Long-term financing
Long-term resources
Low cost
Low-income countries
Luc Rigouzzo
M.S. Martinez Peria
Magazine Private Sector
Maghreb region
Major player
Management team
Managing Director
Market share
Medium-sized enterprises
Microfinance institutions
Microfinance sectors
Millennium Development Goals
Million dollar loan
Million dollars
Million euros
Million loan
Mineral Resources
Mining companies
Mining industry
Mining sectors
Mobile phone
Mobile phone networks
Mobile phone sector
Natural gas
Officer at PROPARCO
Officer of Proparco
Penetration rate
Player in sector
Poorest countries
Positive impacts
Poverty reduction
Power company
Power generation
Power plant
Press release
Private companies
Private equity
Private equity fund
Private equity investment
Private investment
Private investors
Private Partnership
Private players
Private sector
Private sector development
Private sector help
Production capacity
Project description
Project Finance
Project in the sector
Project objective
Project start-up
PROPARCO activity
PROPARCO finances investments
PROPARCO financing
PROPARCO investment
Proparco's Chief Executive Officer
Public Private Partnerships
Railways development
Range of products
Raw materials
Real Development Tool
Real People
Renewable energy
Risk management
Role in development
Role of the private sector
Role of the sector
Sector development
Sector in Africa
Senior loan
Share capital
Small and medium-sized enterprises
Small companies
Small enterprises
SME financing
SME financing in East Africa
SME financing in Sub-Saharan Africa
Social and environmental responsibility
Social impacts
Social issues
Social responsibility
Société Générale
South countries
Southeast Asia
Specific needs of investors
State-owned companies
Stock exchange
Stock market
Strategic partnership
Sugar cane
Sustainable development
Sustainable growth
Technical assistance
Top navigation
Total capacity
Total cost
Two years
United Nations
Useful links
Venture Capital
Venture capital Fund
Veolia Water AMI
Veolia Water AMI business
Water and sanitation sector
Water sector
Water supply
Wide range
Wind farm
Working Paper
World Bank
World Bank Group
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